Friday, April 13, 2012

Announcing NPTGlee!

NPTGlee! is NOT a new sub-group of NPTG, but more a music and theater workshop that we hope will make the Guild more active and inclusive.

One of the problems with community theater groups is that their activity can be quite sporadic. People come together to do a show and those that are cast work together for six to eight weeks and then disband, often for months or even longer.

The Glee group will meet once a week on Monday nights, year-round, with the exception of possible breaks for holidays or summer vacations, as agreed by the group as whole.

The musical focus of the group will change with the needs of NPTG and the members themselves.

The first project will be to revive the Les Miserables music that we used for the Hanover Theater Fundraiser, with the addition of more music and voices. We would like to use that material as entertainment for our (hopefully) soon to come, "Opening Night," of the Rollstone Street building.


Participation is open to EVERYONE who likes to sing. All are welcome to attend one or two "Glee Nights," before officially signing on as a member. At that point, we will request you pay NPTG membership dues, (if you are not already a member) for insurance reasons. This is minimal. ($10/individual adult, $5/under 16, $20/family)


The General Director will be Nancy L. King. Nancy has directed many projects for NPTG and has had many years experience directing her church choir groups. We also hope to foster, "guest directors," from within the group. If you would like to try musically directing one piece or more, choreographing or stage directing, we'll allow you a chance to give it a try and give you any support you need.


Jay Rainey has agreed to assist to the extent that his schedule permits. In addition, we may use some recordings we make ourselves, orchestral accompaniments available on CD and perhaps just some, "plunking out," of parts by people capable of doing that. (If you are a pianist or know of one that would like to help out, (for the fun of it) please let us know.)

Tuition and Fees:

We hope to make this FREE to everyone. It's possible we may ask for donations to defray the costs of music and other materials, but this will be on an individual basis and not affect your involvement with the group.


Attendance rolls will NOT be checked on the Monday nights, although you'll have a lot more fun if you come consistently and keep up with the group. We also understand that you might want to do a show with another organization and might take some time off from Glee! That's OK! We'll welcome you back when you're ready.


Participation in the group does not require that you agree to appear in a performance, although all will be asked. When a performance date comes, "in sight," you will be asked if you can participate. Once committed to a performance, your attendance on the Monday nights and any additional rehearsal times required for that performance, will be expected, as with any show.


Many of us know the joy and escape we get from our sometimes very stressful lives by just singing (and yes laughing) with friends at rehearsal. We're pretty sure that will happen! We'll also have some time to socialize and exchange ideas. Nothing is set in stone with this project; we'll see where it goes!

First Meeting/Rehearsal:

Monday, April 16, 2012

We hope you can join us.

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