Monday, August 18, 2008

Jon Wright and America's Got Talent Re-Visited

By Bill McGrath

Congratulations to Jonathan for making it to the Vegas Callbacks with America's Got Talent!

It's a shame that America did not get to hear him sing, but it is pretty clear that America's Got Talent has become, (or maybe always was) more of a "reality drama" than a talent contest.

He did not cry on cue, wasn't born poor and didn't have a accident that left him near death. I also know he was not phony about his life experience. Perhaps that did not make him fodder for this kind of "reality TV." He is a just a great guy with an awesome talent!

It's clear that the producers did not want him heard, since if America heard him they would have wondered why the best talent was passed over. I think he is without a doubt a better and more polished singer and performer than those that were sent to the semi-finals.

If "America" got to hear him sing, I have no doubt they would have chosen him to go to the finals!
Well, that's my opinion.

If you would like to see for yourself, check out a few of Jon's performances on his new web page: or search for him on Youtube.

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